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We Offer Partial Dentures in Calgary

Partial dentures are a removable option to replace single or multiple missing natural teeth. If you’re only missing 1, 2 or a few teeth, partial dentures are the perfect fit for you. At Macleod Plaza Denture Clinic we can create a set of partial dentures to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re missing a front tooth or several molars, we can replace your missing teeth with partial dentures in Calgary. 


Partial dentures are more customizable than other dentures, as there are several different options. The length of time you hope to use the partial denture and the number of teeth you’re missing will affect the type of partial denture you choose. Types of partial dentures include:

  • Flipper dentures are acrylic and can replace one or multiple teeth. They aren’t the most durable, so they are often used as short-term dentures.

  • Acrylic dentures with wrought clasps or wires have added retention, but they are still usually used as a temporary device. 

  • Cast partial dentures consist of a metal framework, an acrylic base and the prosthetic teeth. The metal framework is fitted to your existing teeth. They fit better than other types of dentures and are more durable.

During your complimentary consultation, we can discuss your options and offer recommendations for replacing missing teeth. Contact Macleod Plaza Denture Clinic to schedule your appointment.


We’re located in the city’s Acadia neighbourhood.

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