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Custom Night Guards: Get a Mouth Guard to Protect Your Smile

Beyond our denture services, Macleod Plaza Denture Clinic can also produce night guards and mouth guards. Calgary patients of all ages turn to us to protect their smile. Teeth are important for speaking, chewing and maintaining your health. Mouth guards can be fabricated for sports and athletic activities to protect your teeth. We also fabricate night guards for people who have issues with teeth grinding (known as bruxism). The best dental care method is preventative: don’t wait for your teeth to incur damage before seeking treatment. A mouth guard is a proactive way to preserve your natural teeth in the best condition possible.


If you’re worried about losing a tooth in a hockey game, or you’re afraid that you grind your teeth in your sleep, contact Macleod Plaza Denture Clinic. We can fabricate custom-fit mouth guards and night guards to protect your teeth. These are a more comfortable, more secure option than standard store-bought mouth guards.


We’re located in the city’s Acadia neighbourhood.

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