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Get a Set of Complete Dentures in Calgary for a Full Smile

A complete denture is required when a person has previously lost all of their remaining upper and/or lower teeth. Calgary residents can rely on Macleod Plaza Denture Clinic to fabricate complete dentures that will give you a full smile once more. 


Sometimes extractions are required to remove any remaining teeth on the upper or lower ridge of the mouth. If this is the case, an immediate surgical denture can be fabricated and then inserted on the date of the extractions. This process involves a long healing period consisting of wearing the new dentures with temporary tissue conditioners. After your gums have healed following the extractions, your dentures will be relined to fit your new jaw shape.


We’re located in the city’s Acadia neighbourhood.


Soft Liners

Soft liners are something that we can recommend and add, generally on a full lower denture, in order to help those who have gum pain. This can increase the stability of your denture and improve comfort. We can add soft liners during the process of fabricating new dentures or during the reline process.


If you’re missing many or all of your teeth, complete dentures in Calgary are a great option for you. We can replace all of your teeth and give you the full smile you’ve been missing. Call Macleod Plaza Denture Clinic today to set up a consultation for your new set of complete dentures.

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